Exploration Team

Our Exploration Team

Jargalsaikhan Dovdov

Consultant Geologist

Jargalsaikhan is Senior Advisor to MMC. He is Director of Universal Minerals, and formerly Chief Geologist for Universal Resources and Universal Copper. Additionally, Jargalsaikhan was Consulting Geologist for Ivanhoe Mines and Geological Mapping and Exploration specialist at the Ministry of Geology. He holds a Diploma (BS + MS equivalent) in Geology from the University of Hungary in Budapest.

Suvd-Erdene Lkhagva

Mapping Geologist

Suvd-Erdene is Senior Geologist at MMC. She has ten years’ experience in mining in Mongolia with a particular focus on exploration and mapping projects for base metals and GIS processing for data analysis. Prior to MMC, Suvd-Erdene spent six years at QGX Mongol LLC. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the Mongolian Technical University and a Master’s degree in Mineral Exploration from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Lois Salem


Lois is a geologist at MMC. She has been published in a series of peer reviewed journals, focused on petrology and volcanology. Her field experience has taken her to Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Italy and Spain, and she has spoken at conferences in both the US and UK. Lois is a Fellow of the Geological Society, and a Member of the American Geophysical Union and Mineralogical Society. She holds Bachelors, Masters and a PhD degrees in Earth Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Tsolmon Gonchig

Consultant Geologist

Tsolmon has a wide breadth of experience in mining in both Mongolia and overseas. He currently advises Leapfrog3D, a New Zealand based geological modelling software company, is a consulting geologist to Mojave Desert Minerals in the USA, and is co-Founder of Trigteq LLC, a mining consultancy in Mongolia and Denver, Colorado. Tsolmon has previously worked with South Gobi Resources in Hong Kong and Centerra Gold. He holds Bachelor’s degree (with honors) from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and a Master’s in Economic Geology from the Colorado School of Mines.

Bayartungalag Batsaikhan

Consulting Geologist-Scientist

Bayartungalag brings substantial experience to her role through time spent working as a GIS specialist on hydrogeological projects at EcoTex LLC, the Faculty of Geology and Mining Engineering at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and the National Marine Science Centre in New South Wales, Australia.  She has won a series of academic award and grants enabling research experience in Germany, France and South Korea. Bayartungalag holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Natural Science, and a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS from the National University of Mongolia, and a PhD in Environmental Geology at Korea University.

Khashgerel Bat-Erdene

Consulting Geologist-Scientist

Khasgerel is a Mongolian national with significant experience in mining and exploration internationally. She worked on the Ivanhoe Mines project and separately co-founded Plus Minerals LLC and undertook alteration mapping consulting services for porphyry and epithermal projects. Khasgerel has undertaken field work in Mongolia, Laos, Fiji, Indonesia, Zambia, Ecuador, China, Kazakhstan and Japan. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geology from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and a PhD in geological science from the University of Tsukuba in Japan.